About Us

Enjoyable, Professional, Adventurous and Extremely Knowledgeable

We love to consider ourselves at Science in the Pub as enjoyable, expert, exciting and incredibly knowledgeable. Well we would hope so after many experiences in the travel and tourism industry over the past many years. The entire idea of Science in the Pub came to exist with our great passion to pub quizzes and pub tours around the world.

Science in the Pub have come up with an exciting tours that takes you out from the City and right to the countryside to experience a true taste of pub life. So allow us to get you in an unforgettable journey throughout a number of the world’s most magnificent views while we go to a lot of the world’s most well-known pubs and a few of the world’s not so renowned, difficult to find pubs.


Pub Quizzes

Getting involved in a pub quiz is an excellent way of spending a night knowing a pub or two and its particular locals. Our events encourage you to go to pubs while you navigate your way all around your selected spot for a well earned drink! We’ll add a large number of questions and trivia which will test your teams, have them taking part and have fun while they look into a few of the local pubs. This can be fun learning and entertaining at its best!