How The Top 5 Pub Quiz Questions Should Sound Like

Pub quizzes are very entertaining. They are a good opportunity to broaden your knowledge on a wide range of topics while having a lot of fun. Learning and amusement can go very well together, the popularity of these quizzes being the living proof that learning can be fun. Since these quizzes are real institutions of the British culture, there’s no wonder they are so popular among all categories of people. Age, gender or walk of life, nothing makes a difference when it comes to participating in your regular weekly pub quiz. There are many people who don’t miss a week throughout the whole year, this is how addicted they are to their favorite entertainment.


The amount of fun depends very much on the competing teams, but also on the choice of questions. The best pub quiz questions should be straight and simple, yet difficult enough to make participants use their brains. If they are too simple, nobody would have fun, as there’s always going to be someone to give the right answer within the first few seconds. If they are too difficult, they are going to become boring, as the audience wouldn’t be able to guess the answers. The ideal question should trigger laughing tears in the eyes of people in the room. This is where the great fun is, hence the importance of choosing the best questions when organizing a pub quiz.

Some good questions are the ones that reveal unbelievable facts nobody would ever guess. For instance, if you ask how many drink combinations are there at Starbucks, the impressive answer of 87,000 may shock the audience. Nobody would expect to hear such figures. You may also tweak the question and ask the participants to name as many such drinks as they can. This can end up in laughing tears, as you can imagine some of the competitors are going to try to make up some names, hoping for a lucky guess.

History and geography supply great questions, as many people enjoy reading about the various wars from our past or about the many countries of this world. Entertainment is also a good generator of interesting questions, as most people are genuinely interested in the life of various celebrities. These questions can also generate a lot of fun, as sometimes the competitors may provide unexpected answers, just to make the others laugh.


When you design a pub quiz, you need to pick questions that inspire confidence. If all you can do is to induce intellectual panic, your audience isn’t going to be too active, so your quiz may not be too entertaining. On the contrary, if you choose things that can be answered by simply using the general knowledge one should get in school, the odds of success are much higher. You can start with simple questions such as “name the world’s biggest island” or “what is the longest river in the world” and work your way up to more complex stuff so that the teams feel more challenged.

This is how the top five pub quiz questions should sound like. They should belong to likable fields such as history, geography or entertainment. They shouldn’t be too easy to answer, but not too difficult either. They need to include a twist of humor and the opportunity to generate some good laughter sessions among people in the audience. Of you want to design a quiz, you may want to test the questions beforehand by inviting some of your friends to read them and tell you their honest opinion. A little research is always good.