Four of the Best Pub Tours

If you are interested in visiting some of the coolest bars and pubs in the world, then a bar tour, also known as a pub crawl, is perfect for you. There are quite a few fun party towns such as Cancún, Rio de Janeiro, Munich, Ibiza, London and Phuket are just a few locations where people like to party hardy and are the best locations offering great bar tours.

These tours are not going to get you up early in the morning and sightseeing is not on the agenda. The itinerary of these trips is all bar and pub based, any day-time trips, as well as local nightlife, are all on topic with visiting distilleries, breweries festivals or any events which are drinking related.

Here are four of the world’s best bar tours:

1. Round The World In 80 Pubs


During this tour over the span of twenty-five days, you will visit four continents, nine countries, and eleven cities. This is the ultimate travel and drinking experience! The tour begins in London and is basically an entire month of pure party, hammer time and one of a kind pub crawling to some of the most amazing party destinations in the entire world.

This is a trip that you will not soon forget, one that will cause every one of your mates to boil with envy and, the stories you will be able to tell will legendary. This all-inclusive tour includes airfares, travel while on land, three-star accommodations which can be either double or single, breakfast included and of course, entree to bars and pubs.

2. Euro Hard `N´ Fast


Departing from Munich, this is a power pub tour that lasts twelve nights and takes you to the best party destinations found in Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic. It begins with three nights in Munich at the opening weekend of the Oktoberfest which we all know is the world’s largest beer fest!

Next you will head over to Maria Alm, a tiny alpine village in Munich for to drink beer, spirits and wine by the meter, meaning that it is ten glasses at one time on a rack that is a meter long, this unique once in a lifetime experience takes place in the most comfortable pubs known to men. It is then on to Prague for some major hammer time!

Prague is well known for its amazingly fine, yet inexpensive booze, here it will be a one night stop in Bamberg Germany. The next location is a bar tour of a street that contains over three hundred pubs end to end, this street is called the “longest bar in the world” and is located in Dusseldorf. Here you will have fun with the almost tens of thousand of people who party every night.

3. Bikes ‘n Beers Tour

Try a pub tour with a difference. Instead of driving, taxing or walking, this pub tour travels around by bicycle. This fully guided bike tour explores the micro brewery sensation that has taken off in Cape town, South Africa. You will see this unbelievably beautiful world class city by bicycle as well as taste some of the most delicious beers in the world on this bike beer tour in Cape Town.

To book the tour you will need a South African sim card to go online and make the booking.

4. South America Gone Wild


This twelve-night bar tour will take you to the hottest nightlife destinations in the USA, Argentina, and Brazil. Starting in South Beach Miami where you spend two night touring the hottest bars, then on to Rio de Janeiro followed by Buenos Aires where you can drink until your heart’s content at some of the most exotic nightclubs and bars in the world. Your 24-hour service is VIP, three-star accommodations and in Rio de Janeiro, you get to stay right on Copacabana Beach. Who can ask for anything more?

Any of these popular bar tours is guaranteed to offer you an experience of a lifetime.

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